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Whether you were planning to elope in NYC or are now eloping because COVID changed your big wedding plans, we are here to tell you that love can not be canceled! In this blog post, we go over the steps needed in order to get officially married in NYC in these new norm times.


We explain how you can receive your marriage license, book an officiant, and what you need to do after the ceremony. We hope that you find this blog post to be useful and we are always here for you if you have any questions. 

Simple Steps on getting your license & Eloping


Online Application


The first thing you should do is fill out the online application through the Project Cupid platform over at the City Clerk’s website. We also recommend that you follow The City Clerk's Office on Twitter. This account posts useful tips and updates.




Online Meeting


You will be required to schedule an online meeting with the city clerk in order to review your application and receive your marriage license. There is a bit of backlog with this right now and some months are completely booked for this portion of the process.  During the online meeting, they will check your application and check your ID’s & marital status. Both of you must be physically present in New York for this conference. At the end of the meeting, you will receive a marriage license (in an online format). The marriage license cost is 35$ that will be paid electronically to the City Clerk Office. p.s. This online format is a bit more convenient than how things used to be, where you had to physically go to the City Clerk Office and wait in line there. 



Hire Officiant & Photographer


Once 24 hours have passed since you received your marriage license you are allowed to be officially married by an officiant. Print your marriage license, pick a date, book the officiant & you are ready to be married!




Wedding Day


Make sure to bring a printed copy of your marriage license to the ceremony & your ID’s and a witness *someone over the age of 21 with ID*. After the ceremony, the marriage license will be signed by all parties and returned to you. At this point, you are officially married!




After The Ceremony


Now all you have to do is upload the signed marriage license back to Project Cupid and the City Clerk will take it from there. You will receive your official marriage certificate from them shortly after. This is the final document that will confirm your union in marriage. 


International couples: Some countries require you receive an apostille. Please check with your local authorities & the NY city clerk during your online appointment.


Sources: City Clerk NYC


Photographs: Danila Mednikov, One Wedding House