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NYC Elopement Plan It Yourself

Are you thinking maybe you should just elope? Here's a detailed Elopement checklist to help you get straight to your happily-ever-after with as little stress as possible!


Although an elopement has fewer moving parts than a large wedding, there's still some advance planning you'll want to do. Why? Because despite the simpler process, there are plenty of important things you won't want to forget!

We've put together this elopement checklist to help you get straight to your happily-ever-after with as little stress as possible.

Things to consider, do, and who to hire


Local Vendors:

Hire a local NYC elopement photographer, videographer, and other local vendors. You will want to look back on the memories created on your wedding day and share them with family and friends and, of course, post them to your social media. A local photographer will also know all of the cool spots where you can take photos, and since they work in the industry, recommend other vendors, like videographers, hair & makeup artists, and florists.



Choose a location that’s YOURS (not Paris, just because everyone is going there). We have nothing against Paris or France (we actually love it!), but we recommend you search Instagram and Pinterest and go to a place that you have either been to and loved or a new destination that sounds like you would love it. Bali if you are a tropical soul and want a beach wedding, Greece if you are into those breathtaking landscapes with blue sea and sky, and Iceland for those Nordic adventures.


If you are getting married at a government facility, such as a City Hall, your décor will be limited, but you can still decorate the venue space. Include this in your budget and figure out where you will be getting the décor from and how it will get to the venue. Florals, white lights, candles, or ribbons are wonderful décor options for an elopement wedding.


Officiant or NYC City Hall:

You don’t need one of these if you are having the ceremony at a City Hall, but you will need a registered officiant if you are planning to have the ceremony on a rooftop, beach, or park. Again, if you have a photographer booked at the beginning of your quest, ask them for an officiant recommendation.

Splurge on the good stuff:

We recommend picking the top three things that are most important to you for your wedding and allocating the budget accordingly. Most couples choose photography, floral cake, and music. Splurge on quality items and professional vendors!


It’s a wedding and a honeymoon in one:

You are already traveling to a  fun destination that you either already love or will hopefully love. So why not stay for longer after your wedding day? Explore, try new food, go to museums, listen to local music and get lost. These memories will be forever added to your wedding.

Sent a marriage announcement after your elopement:

You have eloped! Maybe it was just the two of you, or maybe your friends and family came to celebrate. Whatever you decided to do, your marriage is a milestone for you and those in your life! So send out a marriage announcement once you are back home from your travels. This can be done online or via snail mail with eco-friendly paper. Add photos and a fun blurb about your elopement adventure. It's simple, easy, and a cute keepsake for family and friends.

And if you decide that you need a bit or a lot of help with any of this and more you can always contact our team on NYC Elopement Experts.