We believe a wedding day is not only about the photos and videos or the ceremony. It is about how you want to spend and remember this day.


That being said it doesn't stop us from creating awesome ceremonies & photos & videos!


We are recommended to our couples and they know what to expect: a fun, easy-going approach to eloping: photography, the ceremony and all the rest.




Looking to learn a little more about our services? You’ve come to the right place! One Wedding House is an all-inclusive, wedding-obsessed team of New York elopement experts who can’t wait make your special day perfect. Brides and grooms who choose to elope here in New York get the benefit of an intimate ceremony, an endless selection of venues, and that fabulous big city vibe… But we know that wedding planning can be stressful. There are so many pieces to plan and services to book, it can be hard to sit back and enjoy being engaged. That is unless you have One Wedding House on your team. Gone are the days of searching for the right vendors and digging through Yelp reviews. One Wedding House knows all the ins and outs of the wedding industry and wants to help you put together the best day ever.



We know the perfect vendors for any job, the best elopement locations in New York, and we’re always staying up-to-date on current wedding styles and trends so that you can have the latest and greatest for your day. And the best part is, we’ll make your elopement completely “you.” Here at One Wedding House, we believe that your wedding day should be as special as your love, so we work hard to make every elopement as unique as the couple tying the knot. Your elopement can break tradition and be as fun and eccentric as you are, or you can go full on a white wedding and bask in fairytale awesomeness. We’ll help you realize your elopement vision, or take notes while you list off everything you need for your perfect day. Then we’ll use our years of wedding experience, our connections in the industry, and our creative juices to make your day an absolute dream.



You can count on us to find the perfect make-up artist, book your officiant, order the flowers, and more. We’ll even handle those often-forgotten details, like organizing transportation to and from the venue and booking a hotel for the wedding night. But don’t forget the best part: the pictures. Photos and video of your big day are memories you’ll be able to treasure forever, and our photography and videography team will be there to capture the subtleties, the magic, and the fierceness of your wedding day! So, if you’re planning on a New York elopement, call us to get started. We can’t wait to hear about your wedding plans and to help you on your journey to “I do!”


I am local and destination photographer based in New York City. I describe my style as editorial, yet at the same time, it's simple and natural. My brides always look perfect  and I capture them that way, same goes for the grooms. I like when the couples relaxed and happy, when they feel like they are children again, fooling around, kissing and hugging without a care in the world. The photos come alive and those moments are saved by me for you forever.
I love to capture every moment in a candid way and creatively document those laughs, tears, and kisses for you to treasure. And for portrait sessions, we have a pretty relaxed approach and we won’t make you pose in those cheesy awkward staged shots - it’s about the two of you and your happiness will shine naturally.


I am a full-time photographer and most importantly a full-time wife and mom! I’ve been married to my husband for almost 10 years now! We love traveling, exploring new places in NYC, and spending quality time together with our two boys Mathew 6 y. o. and Timothy 2 y. o. We are big foodies and reality tv junkies. In the evenings after the kids are put to bed you can usually find us snuggled on our couch watching The Bachelor or any of Gordon Ramsay's tv shows.
My photography style is documentary and lifestyle. What drew me most to photography is the desire to express the beauty I see in others. The smallest things in life can display the deepest emotions, feelings, and memories. I hope my photos inspire and remind you that there is good in this world and that love is real!



My name is Yekaterina and I am an elopement wedding planner and officiant here at One Wedding House! 

Honestly, I have never thought I would be working in the wedding industry, but the creative person who (had a wonderful Business school experiences, hey Pace University) has been drawing, painting and crafting since she could hold a pencil in me just could not work a 9-5 stuffy office job. A series of fortunate events has led me to this career path and I am forever grateful for the endless opportunities and the inspiration that my craft has given me.


With every couple that I meet I am constantly reminded of just how many awesome people live on this planet! And these awesome people have chosen me to be part of their big day! 

When I am not replying to dozens of e-mails, writing blog posts, discussing color pallets and ceremony locations or writing a wedding speech for OWH I enjoy slow living. I like to explore New York City as if I was a tourist, noticing the old, the new and the constantly changing. 


Rainy days with my cat on my lap, a hot tea (with milk!) and a murder mystery (Father Brown, Agatha Christie, Sherlock Holmes) are some of my favorite. I enjoy picnics and outdoor movies in the summer, apple pies and the crisp autumn air in the fall, the first (and all other) snowfalls in the winter and blooming trees and bike rides in the spring. 

Quality time with friends, working with florals, going to theater performances, museums and thrift stores are all up there on the “fun things I like to do” list as well:)


Traveling and exploring places close and far is another one of my passions. Amsterdam, St. Petersburg, parts of Italy, San Francisco and Hawaii have been my all time favorite destination for a while now.

And as the OWH couples list grows (and people come from Australia, Hungary, Puerto Rico and some many other places) so do my standing invites to visit beautiful places around the world!


My name is Anna I’m photographer and videographer in New York. My love for photography started a long time ago when I was a teenager and it's been my hobby since then. I always try to notice the beauty around me and I love capturing it! 
Besides me love for photography and videography I like to do yoga which helps me in my self exploration journey, also sometimes I have inspiration to do paintings with soft pastels or watercolors.