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NYC Winter Wedding Tips & Tricks

If you are thinking of eloping in the winter, you should totally do it! But consider the following tips and tricks that we have put together for you. They will keep you warm, happy, and on time. Some might be more obvious than others, but with all the general wedding prep can be overlooked. So read on & remember these tips and enjoy your wintery wedding!



Daylight in the winter months is super short. Look over your timeline and make sure you have enough time to do photographs in the daytime and that your ceremony starts early enough. We recommend having the ceremony about 5 hours before the sun goes down in spring, summer, and autumn and 3 hours during the winter months.


Seasonal florals:

Winter bouquets can be tricky or simply too expensive. Consider including interesting branches, twigs, and pinecones in your arrangement. If done properly, you can have a very rustic wintery bouquet. Celebrate the season, but don’t go too overboard. After all, you are not the snow queen unless you are, and that’s cool, too.

Hand warmers:

You can buy these in advance if you know you will be having an outdoor ceremony or doing a lot of photography outdoors. These hand warmers are usually sold in ski towns, but they will make all the difference for you and your guests if the temperature suddenly drops. Slip them into your pockets or gloves, or have people hold them in between their hands. Everyone will thank you later.


Warm shoes:

This mainly goes to the lovely brides who forget to pay attention to what they will be wearing on their feet during the wedding day. Even if your wedding is in November NYC, it might snow the day before, and you will need to find alternative footwear options, FAST! Forget your strappy-heeled sandals and open-toe shoes.  If time is limited, run to a mass market store like Zara and grab a pair of white booties! They will look adorable with any dress. Sparkly combat or other boots will look killer as well. Or you can even get a pair of white sneakers for that effortless city look! After all the shoes are not going to be the focal point of the photos, and trust us, you rather be warm and comfy than freezing and stressed.

Faux fur coat:

This outerwear will make all the difference on a cold, possibly windy winter wedding day. And if you pick the right style and color for you, it will look amazing in your photos. We recommend checking more luxury stores, online retailers, or even your grandmother’s closet. We know firsthand that there are two things that are crucial for a winter bride: a snack and warmth!


Ceremony & reception at the venue:

This will save you travel time and make things easier if weather conditions get crazy, such as snow or traffic due to an accident. Also, it will mean that you don’t have to run around in your dress outside while the rest of the people are wearing proper winter clothing.

A Quick Toast:

In the whirlwind of a wedding day, especially amidst the bustling streets of NYC, it's crucial to carve out a moment of warmth and rejuvenation. Planning a cozy interlude at a charming bar or restaurant for some heartwarming cocktails and nourishing bites is not just a luxury—it's a necessity. The crisp chill of the city can swiftly deplete your energy, but a carefully chosen haven offers a delightful respite. Here, surrounded by the ambient glow and the clink of glasses, you'll find a moment of serenity and strength. It's these thoughtful pauses that recharge your spirits, ensuring every step thereafter is danced with joy and vigor.


Extra time:

This goes with point # 7, but please add extra time to everything. You should do this even if you are not having a winter wedding, but especially if you are. Add 30 minutes (even more if it's snowing) to your timeline. The last thing you want is to be running late due to fresh snow or icy roads.