One Wedding House | Danila & Lana is a full wedding photo & video team



New York City has a special spot in so many peoples’ hearts. Whether you traveled here with your significant other, got engaged at one of the famous landmarks, or decided to have your wedding in the Big Apple, this city is here and ready to celebrate! 


Our approach to weddings is unconventional, and your wedding day doesn't become a “wedding day photoshoot” in its traditional sense. With us, it's a super fun, adventurous, and carefree experience. We make sure that you actually get to enjoy your wedding day and enjoy your time together in the city.


Our couples get to do whatever they want during their wedding day! Why? Our answer to that is why not?! The day can include a trip to a tattoo parlor, eating pizza, getting drinks at a rooftop bar, running together across the Brooklyn Bridge, or riding a carousel together.  Most importantly, all of this happens on your wedding day and you are fully present. You get to actually enjoy it all!


Because our team includes a wedding planner we are able to not only have direct communication with our photographers & videographers but also create a timeline that fits the couple’s needs while still covering photography & videography aspects (unique locations, good lighting, range of activities, opportunities for footage). Our team appreciates the beauty in everything around us and we believe that it’s possible to combine capturing real emotions, alongside a cool background & details.


If after reading this post, our team and approach to weddings sounds good to you feel free to reach out and we can continue the conversation.