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Crafting the Perfect NYC Elopement

Who Are Our Couples?

Our couples run the gamut from cool places like startups, consulting, and finance to IT, design, and architecture, from teaching to medicine and healthcare, and many more. They neither want stereotypical wedding stuff, as usual, nor definitely go with the flow of how they think it should be done. They would surely not like their elopement to reflect them in real life and to have something that would be by the book or something that would be according to what it should be. They normally find the wedding to be a boring thing—just a thing that is carried out by people, not necessarily done or enjoyed. That's where we come in as the NYC elopement planners they turn to. We mix that up with the elopement wedding that's as unique as it's special, avoiding every ordinary cookie-cutter approach. We do everything in our power to create a day that is one hundred percent them against the awesome backdrop of New York City.


Now, share a little story from the other day: planning and approach to the client but dwelling on the unique world of NYC elopement. It was practically a week ago when a couple came to us regarding searching for an NYC elopement photographer. We had communicated via messaging—she inquired about elopement packages in NYC; I confirmed that and made time to talk for further information. We explained the process of how we produce a stress-free elopement in New York City; then, kinda just stopped hearing from them for about a week. When they eventually replied, it was to tell of how completely we had misunderstood their wishes for their NYC elopement, which caught us by unpleasant surprise, especially since a core service we provide is understanding the couple and tailoring the shoot to what they really need, and most especially for an NYC elopement photographer. We spent three days trying to understand what was going on finally, and, in the end, we learned that, in fact, not all couples really value an all-inclusive approach when literally everything is done for them. Some couples want to be more present, to know, and to make the decisions regarding their elopement packages in NYC.


So, what that case has actually taught is how to mold our approach. A bit demotivating at first, this case was rather informative for the world of elopement in NYC. Learning is important in every situation, and this experience indeed turned out to be invaluable to us in refining our NYC Elopement Packages.

Wedding Planning and Approach

Our journey has led us to recognize the diverse needs of our clients planning their NYC elopement. If you're looking for the most basic services required for your elopement in NYC—services that would be deemed simple, elegant, and tasteful, with everything needed in the essential: photographer, makeup artist, florist, musician, and officiant—then our All-in-one NYC Elopement package is best for you.

And for those who want something extra special, seeking to indulge in additional offers while avoiding the headache of juggling multiple vendors for their stress-free elopement in New York City, our All-in-one max package is just right. This story just helps to emphasize further how dedicated we are to understanding and adapting to our client's visions of their NYC elopement or micro wedding NYC, ensuring we are giving them the right services and balance for a day that is both special and uniquely theirs.


Ready to make your NYC elopement lifetime memorable? Get in touch now, and let's start planning the day, which will be as unique as your love story!