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NYC Elopement at New York Public Library | Manhattan, NYC

Olga and Chamorro's elopement in New York City was a celebration of elegance in the heart of the urban landscape. In their choice of the iconic steps of the New York Public Library for the ceremony, they indicated that in NYC, the other face to the character pops up like a butterfly, especially on quiet Sunday mornings; it is serene beauty with European-style charm.

To work as an NYC elopement photo and video team for such a venue is really to work for uniting two loving souls, as it's always an honor to shoot. Its grand architectural details and fantastic mood, literally filled with history, make the Public Library feel almost magical against the sleek and modern vibrancy of the city.


The bride herself was nothing but the personification of graceful simplicity, and her dress was no less: stylish and elegant, with a riveting cape, she only again proved anew the unerring taste of the couple. The look was complemented by the pastel bouquet. Never to be outdone, Chamorro, the groom, showed in every twist and turn uniform elegance and had a dashing, sharp, and stylish ensemble; it's perfect with the motif of the day.


Theirs was a touching wedding at the steps of the New York Public Library at Brayant Park just with two of them, yet in the ever-present spirit of the city of New York. The air seemed filled with rare, undisturbed calm and a cherished moment within a city that always bustles with endless activity. This unique and quiet elopement experience is set in one of the quiet elegance and romantic charm of a different kind that NYC offers.


NYC is far not only from the concrete jungle but from just the bohemian residence of thousands of writers, artists, musicians, and other creative people. It is a real metropolis with many faces waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. And just the elopement of Olga with Chamorro showed that so well: the city can become an opulent, peaceful haven for love.