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Nicole & Evan Modern New York City Elopement | Manhattan, NYC

Step into the enchanting world of Nicole and Evan's elopement day, set against the vibrant backdrop of New York City. Our journey commences at the heart of the city, the Arlo Midtown hotel. Here, Nicole and Evan, radiating love and happiness, prepare for their wedding ceremony. Dressed elegantly in their wedding attire, their joy is infectious and creates a captivating visual story that our cameras have lovingly preserved.

The day unfolds with a leisurely stroll through the rain-kissed streets of Manhattan. Armed with an umbrella, Nicole and Evan embark on an adventure. With each step, they conquer the city and revel in the love they share, offering an intimate portrayal of their special connection. This unique and candid journey through the city streets only adds to the enchantment of their day.

Our photographic odyssey takes us to the iconic Central Park, where the much-anticipated ceremony awaits. This hallowed ground sees the couple exchanging vows, sharing tender moments, and sealing their love with the exchange of rings. The verdant expanse of Central Park becomes a natural backdrop for these beautiful moments, and our lenses capture them all.

The magic of the day continues to Ci Siamo, a picturesque restaurant where the wedding banquet takes place. The eager anticipation of the guests is palpable as Nicole and Evan make their grand entrance, setting the stage for a heartfelt evening. As day turns to night, the celebration unfolds with laughter, dance, and joyous expressions of love. The couple takes center stage, dancing with their parents and cutting the wedding cake, making each moment unforgettable.

From the open terrace of the restaurant, the city's mesmerizing view is the perfect backdrop for Nicole and Evan's intimate moments. This private interlude amidst the festive atmosphere marks the beginning of their lifelong journey together.

We're delighted to have been part of Nicole and Evan's special day, and we're thrilled to share these cherished memories with you. Our artistry as NYC wedding photographers and videographers brings their love story to life, celebrating the beauty and happiness of the day.