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Ariana & Charles City Clerk's Office Elopement

Oh, it was a day in the very heart of the Big Apple. It is then and there when the majestic office of the City Clerk became the point of departure for the eventful pilgrimage in the lives of Ariana and Charles. Dressed to the nines, they radiated joy, love, and a sense of style that could only be matched by the city itself. Ariana was quite a sight in her pretty white dress, trendy handbag, and a bunch that told tales of nothing else but spring and chic. Charles stood with her, dressed like a prince, which in her eyes, he surely was.


It's moments like this that just remind me exactly why I started as a New York City Elopement Photographer in the first place. The city was, of course, hustling all around us, but we seemed to be almost in a bubble of our own. It was indeed a brilliant sunshine and crystal blue sky day. Something one sees all too rarely, but it really did set up a photo shoot that looked for all the world like a love letter to New York City.


The skyscrapers, sentinels to numberless dreams and ambition, supplied an imposing background against which every snap we took was but a story—a memory encapsulated by light and shadow—of the essence that was Ariana and Charles's big day.


Our adventure through the city was a lovefest, from finding that one person you want to conquer the world with. We laughed, explored, and captured the kind of moments that make you believe in the magic of love all over again.

More than an elopement, they pledged their love for each other, their duo, the city that saw it. And with the falling sun, giving golden hues to the concrete jungle, we knew we had created magic.


And thus, to every couple planning an NYC elopement of their own, let it be the inspiration for Ariana and Charles' day. The City Clerk's Office is waiting for them; it's waiting along with all the noisy streets of Manhattan and with boundless prospects for making love in this city. As your NYC Elopement Photographer, I'm here to capture every laugh, every look, and every moment that makes your day uniquely yours.