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Micah & Reina Soho Elopement | Manhattan, NYC

You know, some stories just stick with you, and Micah and Reina's Soho elopement is definitely one of those. As their elopement photographer in NYC, I had the joy of capturing every spontaneous moment of their special day.

Their love story is like a classic New York romance. The couple, who have a knack for the unconventional, chose the vibrant streets of Soho for their wedding backdrop. Soho, with its eclectic mix of art and fashion, perfectly matched their spirited personalities.

We started the day roaming the cobblestone streets of Soho. The neighborhood was bustling with energy, and amidst it all were Micah and Reina, completely lost in each other. You could feel the love in their glances and laughter. We stopped at a few chic spots, capturing not just photos, but the essence of their relationship – playful, loving, and utterly real.


As an elopement planner in NYC, I always suggest my couples to truly immerse in their surroundings, and that’s exactly what Micah and Reina did. We found this cozy little bar, and they decided to just go in and have a cocktail. It wasn’t staged, it wasn’t planned – it was just them being them, enjoying the moment, and me, capturing these candid, joyful snapshots.


After soaking up the Soho vibe, it was time for the ceremony at City Hall. Now, this part was just for the two of them – intimate and deeply personal. As they exchanged vows in the quiet halls of City Hall, it was as if they were in their own little world. The simplicity and sincerity of the ceremony were incredibly touching.


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Micah and Reina's elopement was a reminder of why I love being an elopement photographer in NYC. It’s about capturing love stories in their most authentic and beautiful form.