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Madison & Dustin NYPL Elopement | Manhattan, NYC

Step into the heart of New York City, where love blossomed amidst the iconic landmarks of Manhattan. Join us on Madison & Dustin's wedding journey, a celebration that exuded style, warmth, and an intimate atmosphere. The setting was none other than the New York Public Library, where their private ceremony unfolded in the company of their adorable son.


Madison graced the occasion in a stunning white wedding gown, radiating elegance and grace. Dustin complemented her perfectly in his sleek black attire. Against the backdrop of the library's white marble grandeur and ornate fountains, the ceremony was a heartwarming affair. Every tender moment, loving glance, and heartfelt vow were expertly captured by our lenses.


Following the ceremony, we embarked on a photo session in the library's vicinity. The rich architecture and serene ambiance provided a beautiful backdrop for Madison & Dustin's portraits, echoing the love that bound them. As the evening descended upon the city, we ventured to the Grand Central Terminal, where the luminous city lights set the stage for a stylish and atmospheric photoshoot.


This journey wasn't just about photographs; it was about encapsulating the emotions, the intimacy, and the love that Madison & Dustin shared on their special day. It was about creating lasting memories amidst the iconic beauty of New York City.


We're delighted that you've walked these streets with us, immersed in the private ceremony's ambiance. We invite you to reach out and make your own incredible memories. Contact us and let capture the atmosphere and emotion of your celebration, just as we did for Madison & Dustin.