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The River Cafe Elopement | Lucia & Maciej

Hey there, NYC lovers and elopement enthusiasts! I recently had the incredible opportunity to photograph Lucia and Maciej’s post-wedding celebration at the charming River Cafe located under the Brooklyn Bridge. As a New York City elopement photographer, capturing moments in such unique locations is what I live for, and this day was filled with beautiful scenes and heartfelt emotions.


Nestled on a former coffee barge along the East River, The River Cafe provided an enchanting setting for this special day. Surrounded by lush greenery and the serene backdrop of the water, it was the perfect spot to capture the love and joy of Lucia and Maciej’s celebration. We started in the garden, where the couple’s connection and affection for each other were palpable. Each photo captured their love and the idyllic setting in perfect harmony.


With champagne flutes in hand, the couple toasted to their new life together on the cafe’s waterfront terrace, creating those perfect, joy-filled moments that make an elopement photographer’s heart sing. Moving inside, the cafe’s interior, adorned with elegant floral arrangements, added a touch of sophistication and warmth to the festivities.


The reception was a blend of traditional and personal touches, including a heartfelt tea ceremony led by the bride in a stunning red dress. She served delicious tea, symbolizing respect and gratitude towards their families. As the evening progressed, the atmosphere filled with speeches, toasts, and laughter, culminating in the cutting of a beautifully decorated wedding cake.


Dinner flowed into dancing, and the first dance was nothing short of magical. The energy was infectious, and soon everyone joined in, dancing under the stars. Capturing these lively and tender moments was a joy, and the photographs reflect the warm, familial atmosphere of the night.


Being part of Lucia and Maciej’s day, from the serene moments by the river to the festive spirit of their celebration, was a wonderful experience. Their elopement in NYC wasn’t just a demonstration of their love, but a celebration of family, friendship, and new beginnings.