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The Beekman, a Thompson Hotel Elopement Murrindie & Paul | Manhattan, NYC

In the buzzing, vibrant streets of New York City's beating heart and twinkling December skies, Murrindie and Paul ventured out for their chapter in this love story. Truly, its elopement in NYC further transpired them to Beekman a Thompson Hotel that gives proof not just of the intensity of their feelings but also how the unbeatable charm and colorful attraction befit an ideal location for eloping to New York City.


Only one fact supported their determination to marry in New York: there was still one city in the whole world with the most exclusive energy and a definite cultural kaleidoscope, where they wanted to live and hide from their chase. Starting from a casual conversation in some cozy cafe somewhere in SoHo, that connection to the city was so overwhelming. They wished that their wedding would reflect themselves - very personal, intimate, and thoroughly sprinkled with the dynamic flavor of the city. I was honored to notice and capture the whole story during their elopement in New York City as a picked photographer and describe everything with my camera, which unraveled like a charmingly fascinated city that never sleeps.


The Beekman Hotel was a perfect canvas of their love, marrying a contemporary flair with old-world elegance, just how their relationship reflected it. Its doors enveloped one in both an atmosphere of majesty yet intimacy, perfectly encapsulating the hotel's grand atrium bedecked with elaborate ironwork and a striking pyramidal skylight that set the picturesque stage for their elopement.


The ceremony was a harmonious blend of modernity and traditions that characterized their characters. Murrindie and Paul privately shared between them vows impressively written, manifesting life-commitment with and among only small circles of close family and friends at soft and dazzling light laid bare deep emotion and connectivity on this special day.


My role as an NYC elopement photographer turned into something more than just the process of taking pictures; it was really about trying to capture their love story and all those transitory moments of joy, laughter, and great emotion. Every look, smile, and then all the merry cheersᅳit was a storyline bound in pictures.


After the nuptials, there were shots that went on across sections of New York City, from cobblestones at Tribeca to the Brooklyn Bridge. Every place accorded them a different setup to heighten their firsts as husband and wife. It was especially beautiful with the city lights on for Christmasᅳthe decorations and frolic full of spirits.


The cozy reception took place in one of the dining areas at The Boucherie West Vilage. There, each guest was treated to a sampling of some of New York's cuisine excellence alongside a champagne toast from a nearby vineyard.


Why Elope in NYC?

Eloping in NYC offers couples the unique opportunity to weave the city's character into their special day. With various elopement packages in NYC, couples can tailor their experience to fit their vision, whether it's a quiet ceremony in Central Park, a vibrant celebration in Times Square, or a sophisticated event at a place like The Beekman Hotel.