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The Beekman, a Thompson Hotel Elopement Murrindie & Paul | Manhattan, NYC

In the heart of New York City's bustling streets, under the festive December sky, Murrindie and Paul's journey as a couple took a beautiful turn. Opting to elope in NYC, they chose the majestic Beekman, a Thompson Hotel, as their venue. This narrative not only captures the essence of their love but also illustrates why New York City, with its vibrant charm and allure, is the perfect place for elopements.


Murrindie and Paul's decision to elope in NYC was driven by their shared love for the city's incomparable energy and diverse culture. Having met in a quaint café in SoHo years ago, New York City held a special place in their hearts. They wanted their wedding to be a reflection of their journey - intimate, personal, and full of the city's dynamic spirit. As their chosen elopement photographer in NYC, I knew their story was going to be as enchanting as the city itself.

The Beekman, with its old-world glamour and modern aesthetics, stood as a testament to their love story. As they walked through its doors, the couple was greeted by an ambiance that exuded both grandeur and intimacy. The hotel's iconic atrium, with its intricate ironwork and pyramidal skylight, offered the perfect setting for their elopement ceremony.


Their ceremony was a blend of traditional and contemporary elements, a reflection of their personalities. Surrounded by a small group of loved ones, Murrindie and Paul exchanged vows that they had penned themselves, under the soft, golden glow of The Beekman's artful lighting. The air was filled with emotion, as the couple's words echoed the depth of their commitment to each other.


As an elopement photographer in NYC, my role transcended capturing candid shots. It was about narrating their love story through my lens, preserving the fleeting moments of joy, laughter, and heartfelt emotion. From their tender glances to the joyous celebration post-ceremony, each photograph was a chapter in their beautiful love story.


Post-ceremony, we embarked on a photographic journey through the city. From the cobblestone streets of Tribeca to the grandeur of the Brooklyn Bridge, each location offered a unique backdrop for their photos. The city, adorned with Christmas lights and holiday cheer, provided a magical setting for their first pictures as a married couple.

The reception, held in one of The Beekman's intimate dining spaces, was a cozy affair. With a curated menu featuring New York City's finest cuisine and a toast with champagne from a local winery, the celebration was as much a tribute to their love as it was to the city that brought them together.


Why Elope in NYC?

Eloping in NYC offers couples the unique opportunity to weave the city's character into their special day. With various elopement packages in NYC, couples can tailor their experience to fit their vision, whether it's a quiet ceremony in Central Park, a vibrant celebration in Times Square, or a sophisticated event at a place like The Beekman Hotel.