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Peter & Felisha Ladies Pavilion Elopement | Central Park, Manhattan

In an urban oasis, right in the middle of New York City in Central Park, Peter and Felisha's wedding day somehow seemed to unfold like some scripted story for the screen in some classic romantic movie. And it was nowhere else but one of Central Park—the fabulous Ladies' Pavilion, filled not only with memories of that day but with charmingly hanging in the atmosphere from their third date together. It was a story that was perfectly filled with nostalgia, something that any modern-day fairy tale could equal, and it was well-captured by our team of NYC Elopement Photographers.


Felisha, in her vintage '70s-inspired dress, was a vision of bohemian elegance. The floral she chose to complement the outfit brought a pop of color and just a little hint of whimsy for the day. Peter, on the other hand, with his infectious and upbeat demeanor, was the epitome of an antithesis to Felisha's grace. Together, they were the epitome of a couple in love – vibrant, joyful, and so evidently in sync with each other.


The ceremony at Ladies' Pavilion was intimate and heartfelt, reflecting the couple's deep connection. As NYC elopement planners, we've seen tight bonds—tighter than even the warm summer air that surrounded us. And, of course, after their vows, we did it up New York style.

With that, we tried to make the shooting of the subway down for some snack and more shootings, as the subway, usually passed by, yielded in this case an urban, artfully background to portray the adventurousness of lovers and our talent to look for unusual but attractive shots. It was perfect weather, one could say—the kind with the sun, lending everything a golden hue that seeped even into the photographs and the smiles. So it was that on these whirring New York streets, Peter and Felisha danced.


It was as if the city rejoiced with them. They were popping champagne, laughing, enjoying time, moments of which shot by shot our team of NYC Wedding Photographers was capturing. Theirs was more than the exchange of wedding vows. Theirs was a celebration of love, life, and unending possibilities lying in the bosom of New York City. When in search of the best NYC Wedding Photographer for elopements, every moment means capturing every emotion. From a free dance in the street to the clinking of their champagne glasses, each photo spoke stories of love and happiness, a day as uniquely individual as the both of them, Peter and Felisha.


For couples dreaming of an NYC elopement, Peter and Felisha's story is a testament to the magic that can be created.

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Peter and Felisha, thanks for letting us be part of the journey with you. Your wedding day was more than just one memorable day; it was part of a never-ending love story New York City tells its lovers over and over again. It was an honor to capture it.