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NYPL Elopement | Brayant Park, Manhattan NYC

Here in full bloom was Olga and Chamarro's dream elopement day: a crisp Manhattan day attesting to their love and the timeless charm of New York City. It was a real honor to help bring their vision of an elopement embracing the city's elegance and romance to life as their chosen elopement planner and photographer with One Wedding House.

Their day started with the exhilarating hum of New York City, setting the stage for a ceremony as iconic as their love. The New York Public Library (NYPL) at Bryant Park—it was a place of grandeur and sophistication to say your vows. Olga and Chamarro exchanged their vows in an intimate yet grand way: on the grand steps of NYPL, surrounded by the pulse of the city and all the histories that lay within those walls. It was a scene straight out of a classic New York romance – timeless, elegant, and deeply touching.


After the heartfelt ceremony, our journey through Manhattan continued. We visited Bethesda Terrace in Central Park with a sharp contrast to the great urbanity of Bryant Park and Central Park's beauty. It, of course, did provide for a very vivid tapestry of backdrops for the pictures—from the architectural majesty of the NYPL to the bucolic charm of Central Park. But it truly was capturing their love in these iconic New York scenes, every spot laying in its character unique to their story.

The joy and love shared by Olga and Chamarro were palpable throughout the day. Stitched together their love for each other with love for the city, each soft, shared smile and every tender glance an avowal of that. It was almost not even so much about them celebrating their union; more, the elopement was a celebration of the brilliant, multidimensional backdrop that is NYC. 


Specialize in elopement dreams is what we make into a reality at One Wedding House. Olga and Chamarro chose the comprehensive package ALL IN ONE +, created to include all the elements for your perfect day. From an engaging, charming officiant for their NYPL ceremony to a skillful hair and makeup artist to make sure Olga looks just as good as she feels. Our florists created beautiful bouquets, and every moment was captured by the best team of photographers and videographers in photos and video clips that will always come in handy. And the fact that each of these features could be chosen and customized to fit surely must mean, for this couple, their elopement will be every bit as unique as their story. And such moments should be once in a lifetime handled with care and professionalism from planning through photography. One Wedding House does not fail—it even vows to complete the final photos with video clip within only a month, literally summing up the very essence of the special day. Olga and Chamarro married in New York City. They did much more than take on this ceremony; they celebrated love, the city, and the beginning of life together.