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Melita & Kam SoHo Elopement | Manhattan, NYC

Step into the enchanting love story of Melita & Kam as they embark on a remarkable journey, beautifully captured through our NYC Elopement and Wedding Photography services. The anticipation builds as Melita gets ready at the exquisite Tuscany Hotel by LuxUrban, adorned in her stunning wedding attire. The first magical encounter between the couple unfolds amidst the bustling streets of Manhattan, creating a moment filled with pure joy and love.


The charm began in Central Park at the idyllic Summerhouse at the Dune, when they exchange heartfelt vows and celebrate their union. Next, going to the heart of Soho, Manhattan, we explore the iconic places that perfectly frame the romance of Melita and Kama. Heavy rains, instead of spoiling the mood, give the photo shoot an unearthly charm, making each picture extraordinary.


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