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Jaimme & Brent 620 Loft & Garden Micro Wedding | Manhattan, NYC


In the middle of New York City, amidst the hurly-burly of the streets and the summits of the skyscrapers, rose a love story—something out of a fairy tale.

And, as such, Jaimme and Brent, that dazzling pair from the golden shores of Australia, chose 620 Loft & Garden. They chose the icon of locations for their intimate micro wedding, having an icon of locations by its dream turned upside down in such a way that made its dream an unforgettable reality.


This will start in Australia, where Jaimme first meets Brent. If ever there had been meetings in destiny, this was one of them, for from the very start, there had been this instantaneous kind of connection—a kind that led to a love that would soon reach to span oceans.

The more they traveled together, through experience and making a life from those with each other, tradition of a wedding seemed so close to whatever it is they truly wanted. It was something more intimate and personal; absolutely one of a kind. That's when it comes, New New York City—only one, the place of their combined imagined exploration. And what other way could they land together better than by diving into celebration crash landings of togetherness and eloping in a city that never sleeps?


When deciding on the location, Jamie and Brent wanted to have some kindjson of location that really captures the New York City sensibilities but still can provide some kind of peaceful getaway from the very whirlwind life pulsing within this city. 620 Loft & Garden with its breathtaking rooftop garden exemplified their vision and views to St. Patrick's Cathedral. This can be considered an oasis in the heart of New York City, offering a very romantic setting against the lush greenery and the iconic skyline for one to make their vows against.

Planning elopement from thousands of miles away was not a piece of cake. Surely, our experience with NYC elopement planners was helpful in doing so. Knowing full well the ins and outs of planning such a wedding in a city as dynamic as New York, we made sure Jaimme and Brent really had an all-inclusive package, taking care of—well—pretty much everything. They chose our "All in One+" option that met every single bit regarding their day, from renting the lovely 620 Loft & Garden to having the best NYC wedding photographer around who captured all their memories.

The ceremony was quiet, the couple's exchange of "I dos" to each other against but high among the skyscrapers of the New York City skyline, low but full of feeling. The garden, with its meticulously manicured greenery and flowers, added a touch of nature's magic to the urban setting. After the ceremony, the couple and some of their best friends and family members celebrated by experiencing something personal to them—photos of the two lovers around the legendary places of the city. Our NYC development photographer snapped only candid moments against some of the most breathtaking backdrops the city had to offer, ensuring Jaimme and Brent have the moments that they will cherish for a lifetime.

Jaimme and Brent's 620 Loft & Garden micro-wedding was so much more than a day—it became a celebration of love and the realization of so many journeyed dreams. Their decision to elope in NYC, far from home, showcased their adventurous spirit and deep commitment to each other.

It was an honor to have been able to take part in their story, planning their NYC elopement, and helping them navigate through all the ins and outs that have to occur to plan such a high-energy and intimate wedding in a major city. Their confidence in us, to bring out a product that is edgy and distinct but would not have looked amiss even if it was with its peers, spoke volumes for our focus on perfection and quality.

For Jaimme and Brent leaving back to Australia, they went home with one of the most beautiful memories and left a little part of New York City in their hearts. Their elopement was a true testimony that true love has no boundaries. Every dream of the possibility, with the right partner, comes alive. For couples dreaming of an NYC elopement, Jaimme and Brent's story is a beacon of inspiration. That goes to show, with the right planning and a dash of adventure, along with a lot of love, you make your days surely as unique and different as your love story. The experience and knowledge base built up over many years working in and around New York City, these are the dreams of a lifetime, and there absolutely would be no greater joy than bringing that kind of world together for that one moment to let every single couple know just how cherished their love, their journey, their dreams are. In a city that never sleeps, the love story of Jaimme and Brent was that point—one where it said, amidst chaos, still lies moments of beauty, love, and serenity, waiting to be found and etched in memory.