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Emma & James NYPL Elopement | West Village, NYC

Let us take you on a little journey through the streets of West Village, NYC, where Emma and James, a delightful couple from Ireland, chose to begin their elopement adventure. As their elopement planner and photographer, I had the pleasure of capturing the essence of their love and the spirit of New York City.

Our day started at Pisellino, a quaint Italian bar nestled in the heart of West Village. This place is a gem – they serve up some of the best cocktails and olives in town. It's not your typical bar; it's a place you visit for the experience, for the ambiance, and of course, for the incredible drinks. Emma and James, eager to soak up every bit of New York, were all in for this authentic local experience.


There’s something about starting a wedding day in a bar – it sets a relaxed, joyous tone. We laughed, chatted, and raised a toast to their new beginning. It was the perfect warm-up to a day filled with love and exploration.

We then wandered through the charming streets of West Village. The neighborhood's unique character, with its blend of trendy and timeless, was the perfect backdrop for their pre-ceremony photos. As a NYC elopement photographer, I always encourage couples to embrace the city’s energy, and Emma and James did just that. Their love for each other and the city shined through in every photo.


The highlight of the day was the ceremony at the New York Public Library (NYPL) in Bryant Park. This iconic location, with its grandeur and elegance, was a dream setting. Our officiant, a seasoned New Yorker, led a beautiful, intimate ceremony that perfectly captured the essence of Emma and James’s relationship.

As we moved through the library and its surroundings, every corner offered a story, a memory to be captured. The NYPL wasn’t just a ceremony location; it was a character in their love story, a symbol of the journey they had embarked upon together.


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Emma and James’s NYPL elopement was not just about the vows or the stunning locations; it was a celebration of their journey, of love that crossed oceans, and of a day that was uniquely theirs. And as they embarked on their new life together, the city that never sleeps had given them memories that would last a lifetime.