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Damaris & Ethan 620 Loft & Garden Elopement | The Plaza Hotel, NYC

The NYC elopement of Damaris and Ethan was a love and elegance tapestry that started at the famed Plaza Hotel. In this luxury setting, Damaris dressed in her gownᅳa whisper of silk and dreamsᅳwhile Ethan readied himself, donning a suit that was superb and of excellent quality, rich in elegance, mirroring the grandeur of the hotel and perhaps one as sharp as the Manhattan skyline.


Ultimately, it was their hearts that led them to 620 Loft & Garden, an oasis of serenity against the madding crowd. Therein, amidst the summits of the skyscrapers and the hum of life in New York, the couple exchanged their marriage vows. The loft is light-filled, with high ceilings, thanks to the large windows. The rooftop garden, a riot of colors against a concrete cityscape, watched over Manhattan like it tended to its guests, who could stand dazed for hours.


It was more than an elopement, rather an intimate celebration between grand cityscapes and their little world. Witnessing the dearest echo into each other with the vows in the venue, surely their melody of the journey was.


In the middle of NYC, there was an elopement; Damaris and Ethan are shining like a lighthouse of love and style. Every photo our team took captured not just the emotions but the entire feeling of a New York elopement. They, perhaps, chose us for our unique mix of documentary and editorial photography, and we in return returned the favor with every fleet of a smile, every glance tender.


And so, the twinkling of the city lights below was their elopement dayᅳa testimony, not an announcement to the city of dreams, or faith in love. Any couple up for such a journey can also take advantage of the packages offered at our studio, designed for every couple to have their perfect NYC elopement.


Choosing One Wedding House means choosing a team that understands the magic of a wedding day. We're not just planners or photographers; we're storytellers, ready to tell your unique love story against the iconic canvas of New York City. Let us make your 620 Loft & Garden elopement not just an event but a cherished memory that will echo through the ages, just like the timeless charm of NYC itself.