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Cynthia & Ali Brooklyn Elopement | DUMBO, NYC

Be part of Cynthia & Ali's enchanting elopement journey with stunning moments at Ace Hotel, Dumbo's rainy streets, and The Green-Wood Cemetery, capturing love in the heart of Brooklyn.


Cynthia and Ali's captivating elopement tale in New York City is an exceptional blend of urban charm, romance, and resilient love. It all commenced at the contemporary and stylish Ace Hotel in Brooklyn, serving as the idyllic backdrop for Cynthia’s anticipation and eventual emotional first look with Ali. Every tender moment of preparation was masterfully captured, preserving the sheer excitement and love that filled the air.


As the rain painted the streets with a glistening sheen, both armed with umbrellas, Cynthia and Ali embarked on a magical escapade to Dumbo. The first meet was a symphony of emotions, a heartwarming sight immortalized through the lens. Their journey through Brooklyn's rainy Dumbo district unveiled unique and spellbinding moments frozen in time, each photograph echoing their unwavering love amidst the atmospheric rain.


The adventure took an interlude as the couple decided to indulge in a quick stop at a local pizzeria. Here, Cynthia & Ali's delightfully playful encounter with pizza added a touch of warmth and joy, seemingly coaxing the gloomy weather to take a step back and let their love shine through.


The apex of their day unfolded at The Green-Wood Cemetery, a place exuding an ethereal and mysterious aura. Surrounded by loved ones, Cynthia made her way to Ali in a soul-stirring culmination, marked by a ceremony that overflowed with emotion and tenderness. Following heartfelt group photos, the couple embarked on an exploration through the cemetery, capturing moments that exuded not darkness, but a compelling stylishness, resonating deeply in each photograph.


As the creative team behind these extraordinary images, we are thrilled to share these precious snapshots with you, encapsulating a day filled with love, style, and unforgettable moments. Thank you for being part of this extraordinary journey. Don’t hesitate to connect with us to craft your own remarkable visual story.


In essence, Cynthia & Ali's NYC elopement encapsulates a symphony of love, resilience, and urban elegance, a heartfelt tale steeped in the evocative charm of one of the world's most vibrant cities.