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Christin & Marius Top Of The Rock Elopement | Manhattan, NYC

At One Wedding House, we pride ourselves on creating customized elopement experiences, and this couple's dream of a Top of the Rock wedding was a perfect example of our commitment. Our all-inclusive packages are tailored to fit every couple's unique needs. From finding the perfect spot for the ceremony to handling all the logistics, our team ensures every detail is covered.


As the elopement planner for this adventurous couple, our job was to make their NYC elopement as stress-free and magical as possible. We handled everything – the paperwork, the location scouting, the coordination of all services, ensuring that the couple could focus on each other and their special moment.

The ceremony itself was a blend of romance and the city’s grandeur. As they exchanged their vows, the city lay spread out beneath them, a testament to the endless possibilities and the new journey they were embarking on. The emotion was palpable, and as their photographer, capturing these moments against the stunning cityscape was an absolute honor.

Post-ceremony, the couple and I took to the streets of New York for a photo session. We wanted to capture the essence of their love against the backdrop of the city that never sleeps. The photos were a mix of candid moments and iconic New York scenes – a beautiful remembrance of their elopement.

Their Top of the Rock wedding was not just about the views or the prestige; it was a celebration of their journey, their love, and the city that brought them together.


As they left New York, they took with them not just memories but a story – a story of love, adventure, and the magic that happens when you follow your dreams.