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Celia & Sean Cop Cot Elopement | Central Park, NYC

Imagine a light autumn rain in Central Park, setting the stage for Celia and Sean's intimate elopement at Cop Cot. Despite the overcast skies, their special day was filled with an undeniable magic.

Celia, in her carefully selected vintage wedding gown, was the epitome of elegance against the misty, autumnal backdrop of Central Park. Cop Cot, a serene spot in the park, offered the perfect intimate setting for their vows.


The soft, diffused light from the grey sky provided the ideal conditions for stunning photographs. It gave their moments a touch of classic romance, something straight out of an old movie.

We had perfectly timed the day, ensuring we captured beautiful, intimate photos without rushing. This planning also allowed Celia and Sean to savor private moments before joining friends for a mini-celebration prior to their big reception.

The park's colors seemed more vibrant in the rain, adding to the day's charm. The couple exchanged vows with heartfelt sincerity, creating an atmosphere of love and intimacy.


After the ceremony, we took a tranquil walk through Central Park. The rain brought a sense of peace, allowing us to capture the essence of their love and the beauty of the location in every photo.


Celia and Sean fully embraced the rainy weather, their joy and love shining through. Their laughter and dances in the rain were a reminder of the true essence of a wedding – a celebration of love, regardless of the weather.

Their NYC elopement was a beautiful blend of simplicity and grandeur, leaving me with images that beautifully encapsulated their love story, the park's beauty, and the joyful spirit of the day.