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Amber & Tim Central Park Elopement | West Village, Manhattan

The fun-loving duoᅳone, Amber, and Tim from Australia always dreamt of just eloping to the iconic Central Park. Enter One Wedding House, there it laysᅳdetermined to help turn that dream into an actual, unforgettable event. And so, the metropolitan New York City, bustling and busy with its life in the city, became their warm, snug, and intimate place for the ceremony. A day in their hearts forever.


Amber and Tim walked along in silence as big, fluffy snowflakes tumbled to the earth. They were in Central Park, and the view had at last opened up to look just as though from a picture-perfect winter wonderland.


The steps they had taken told how they had come thus far together, and the glances between them seemedᅳin each and every one of themᅳto behold the pact of the silent promise to the eternal love. Two hundred and eighty breathtaking pictures have been caught in this house during one wedding day. On each of those pictures lay a page of their romance.


But it wasn't just a photo shoot. The most magnificent day had been converted into a 2-minute and 31-second video, where every giggle, every vow, and every tender kiss was caught a tribute to their love in the cinematography. The highlight of their elopement was a very solemn, touching thirty-minute ceremony where both of them whispered "I do" and vowed to each other that they would go through life together.


It was a symbol of the powerful love between two hearts from opposite ends of the earth.


Nothing short of festive is the celebration that followed, as it was held at Boucherie West Village with the most handsome and stylish decor. This was, therefore, a rather apt restaurant for the kind of very elaborate dinner celebration that the couple had dreamt of having in connection with their elopement. While the elopement of Amber & Tim may have been small, it was just rife with all the romance, adventure, and sophistication. Their trusty NYC elopement planner, One Wedding House, was there to make sure every single detail of their day was perfect.


From the fairy-tale walk in the park under a carpet of snow to the touching ceremony and fabulous dinner, they had the fairy-tale celebration of love. Dream of having a Central Park elopement for yourself? One Wedding House presents all-inclusive NYC Elopement Packages especially designed with the sole motive to make your dream day turn into reality. Our dedicated NYC Elopement Photographer and Officiant are committed to crafting a day that's as perfect and memorable as Amber & Tim's.