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Amber & Tim Central Park Elopement | West Village, Manhattan

Central Park, NYC, blanketed in rare November snow, a setting as enchanting as Amber and Tim's love story. Let's embark on their journey of love and adventure.


Amber and Tim, a vibrant couple from Australia, decided to make their dream of a Central Park elopement a reality. And that's where One Wedding House stepped in to make it all happen. The city that never sleeps became the backdrop to their intimate elopement, a day they'd treasure forever.

As the pristine snowflakes gently fell, Amber and Tim strolled hand in hand through Central Park's winter wonderland. Every step was a moment, every glance a promise of forever. One Wedding House captured these magical moments with 280 stunning photos, each frame telling their love story.

But it wasn't just about the photos. Their special day was also beautifully documented in a 2-minute, 31-second video clip. Every laugh, every vow, every stolen kiss was woven into a visual masterpiece.

The heart of their elopement was a 30 minute ceremony that touched their souls. It was the moment they said 'I do,' promising to journey through life together. This ceremony was a testament to the love that transcends borders, bringing two souls from across the globe together.

And then, it was time for a festive celebration. But not just anywhere – they chose Boucherie West Village, a place that radiated warmth and charm. The restaurant served as the perfect backdrop for their grand celebration dinner, a culmination of their dream day.


Amber & Tim's elopement was a harmonious blend of love, adventure, and elegance. One Wedding House, as their trusted NYC elopement planner, ensured that every detail was flawless. From the snowy park stroll to the heartfelt ceremony and the grand dinner, their day was nothing short of magical.


If you're dreaming of your own Central Park elopement, One Wedding House offers NYC elopement packages that turn dreams into reality. Our NYC elopement photographer and officiant are dedicated to creating your perfect day, just like Amber & Tim's.