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Amanda & Mark DUMBO Elopement | Brooklyn, NYC

Amanda's and Mark's elopement took place in the most picturesque area one could think of: DUMBO, located right in the heart of Brooklyn. Two young and full-of-life couples falling in love with life, dreaming of the tender real thing that would happen on this very day. Being chosen as their NYC Elopement Photographer and Planner, we, one team from One Wedding House, helped this to happen. Their special day was not just an event but a personal journey through the places that defined their love.


The day began in their stylish loft in Greenpoint, a space as unique and vibrant as their love. Their house, where the day's events had to be played out, was a showcase of urban chic—with the obligatory exposed brickwork and highly individual, somewhat eclectic interior. This would be the place where Amanda and Mark got ready for the big day.

The morning was filled with bustle, laughter, and intimate moments of anticipation at stepping foot in the city.

Being one of the best NYC elopement wedding photographers, we couldn't help but take a chance and shoot every single detail of their preparation: sweet glances exchanged in the loft, finishing touches while dressing up. It brought a special depth to their story, being shot in a personal haven, authentic to the moments. The ceremony itself took place in what certainly was the most appropriate place around in the area of DUMBO, since the views of the Manhattan skyline and legendary Brooklyn Bridge were breathtaking. There was no one else at the ceremony, except the officiant and the couple, of course. Only our photo and video team accompanied them.


This has been a really nice and heart-touching ceremony, the time when love was only focusing on Amanda and Mark with the breathtaking background of the city around.

After the ceremony, we went to take a walk along the streets of Brooklyn DUMBO, having collected the color of their love against the background of the unique charm of the area. Tastefully captured by our photographers and videographers are their day, from the beautiful waterfront to the charming cobblestone streets.


At One Wedding House, we understand that each elopement is a personal story, a reflection of the couple’s journey. So, this day belonged to Amanda and Mark, from getting ready with them in their Greenpoint loft to saying quiet vows in DUMBO, to be celebrated with their singular love in a city as vibrant as New York.