One Wedding House | Danila & Lana is a full wedding photo & video team


Throughout our time in the wedding industry we have made a lot of friends and have worked with many wonderful people. For our third package we have selected the best vendors in the industry because we know they will make your wedding day that much more beautiful! These people take pride and care in what they do, they are professional, talented and kind. And that is the type of person you want on your wedding day.


We have gathered these creatives and outsource to them, so when you book us for your wedding, we write to them and we know for 100% that they will deliver the best product/service! There will be no delays, miscommunication or any other mishaps. How much they charge for their good/service is exactly how much is put into our third package, no extra fees. How much they charge us for the good/service, is how much we charge you. Simple.

But we are often asked about the cost of each vendor within our package. How much are flowers? How much is the musician? The makeup and hair artist? And we understand you. You are trying to save money and see what you can cut down on while still having a beautiful celebration. Speaking from within the industry we are here to explain how things really are. The florals will be 350-400$, can it be done cheaper? Yes. Can you find another more affordable florist? Yes. But we don’t know them and that’s the key. We can’t guarantee they will create what you asked for, that they will deliver it on time and that they will have the florals you wanted. It’s all about relationships and trust, and once you have it everything works smoothly.

With an unknown vendor we don’t know what to expect and neither will you.


Now you might think that we chose certain vendors and that’s that. But that’s actually not the case. We are constantly doing inspiration photoshoots where we connect with new vendors, because there are always new awesome ones that are emerging. We connect, organize a photoshoot and see how things go. This way we are always able to find someone fresh, professional and awesome!


Time for some horror stories (we will not scare you too much, just some small examples of wedding vendor realities).


Some musicians think it’s totally okay to take a photo of a screen where their songs are written out in one line, no commas, no spaces, just an endless line where you don’t know where the beginning and the end of the songs really is. They sent this and than you are sitting there for hours decoding this mess.


Chairs? Oh you didn’t bring chairs for the musicians? Yeah these guys decided not to bring their own seating to the park, but had to be sitting while they performed. Another thing you have to worry about.


You officiant come to perform your ceremony and is wearing workout leggings covered in cat hair? Well there is that.


We prevent you from things like this (and much worse) because we know the reality of a wedding day and wedding vendors. We take care of everything and we work with the pros! No extra stress for you, your soon to be husband or wife or anyone else!