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Whether it’s a full-blown out flower explosion at the venue and reception, a floral arch for the ceremony, or a simple bouquet, florals are always present at weddings. They also happen to be “the most fun part” of wedding planning! Between collecting inspiration boards and envisioning yourself with a pretty bouquet, some couples tend to get lost in searching for a florist who can create something magical. 


Our team has met some amazing over the years of experience, trial and error, and inspirational photoshoots. We have a handful of trusted professionals that we reach out to when booking florals for our couples and would not trust anyone else. A so-called criteria list for florists is in the back of our heads, and we refer to it when adding a new florist to our “trusted vendor” list. 


We like to keep things fun & simple! You show us a few inspirational photos of a bridal bouquet, and we choose the florist that will use those images as inspiration. The florist then creates a magical arrangement and delivers it on your wedding day. We can also make sure that the bouquet looks good in a specific setting or with a particular type of gown by communicating these wants to the florist. Your bouquet will be something that will fulfill your desires, follow popular trends, and compliment your wedding day look.


Things we look for when choosing a florist




This should go without saying, but the florist needs to communicate with us in a simple and clear way. In addition, the booking process has to be simple and hustle free. Delivering the right arrangement on time to the right location is also extremely important.




Talent & Creativity


Talent and creativity go hand in hand. A unique bouquet can add so much to the bride’s look and overall mood of the wedding. Each of the florists we work with has a unique look at a wedding bouquet and we love them all.


2020/2021 Wedding Floral Trends

Warm Toned Colors


Mauve, mustard, warm muted orange tones along with dusty pinks have been all the rage and will continue to be a popular pallet for next year. This pallet can work well with both a neutral or a bold bouquet.



Deconstructed Arch


These are not new to the scene but have been looking incredible in outdoor and indoor spaces. The florals are usually positioned from the floor and “grow” up. This decor creates lots of movement and photo opportunities. 




Size Down


No more oversized bouquets that will make your wrist hurt at the end of the day. It’s time for garden inspiration, yet a bit sleeker bouquet. Brides are going for something whimsical and airy, where each side of the bouquet shines on its own, and the bouquet doesn't weigh you down.






Monochrome bouquets have also been gaining popularity. Three or four shades of pink (or any color of your choice) are used in bouquets. The fun part here is that the florists play around with shape and texture while creating these pieces.






Adding family heirlooms such as pins, rings, and other trinkets to the bridal bouquet has become a popular trend. We love this trend because brides can incorporate.



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