It’s no secret that most proposals have to be planned without your partner knowing about it. We are here to be your fairy godmother and share a few tips that you might find useful!



Here are a few simple steps that you can take in order for everything to go as smooth as you imaged.


Step 1. Book a photographer to capture the “shoot” aka your proposal.

These photos will be in your home, at your engagement parry, your wedding, at your grandmother’s house and on your social media accounts, so you want them to be professional and timeless.


Step 2. Prepare yourself.

hat you will wear, how you will present the ring and what you will say. There are many different scenarios and no right way to propose to your love, but let’s discuss the most common way in which the girl wants to look their best when they are being proposed to. this reason, we recommend that you book a love story photoshoot and gift it to your girlfriend.


This way she will pick out an outfit, get her make up and hair done (nails as well) and be ready for the photoshoot. She will already want to look awesome for the photoshoot, little does she know that you will be proposing to her there. She might realize that something is up, but regardless you two will have this special moment captured and these memories will last with you a lifetime. Regardless you have demonstrated how much this moment means to you by hiring professionals to capture it.

Step 3. Plan secret proposal (the photoshoot)

Either you already live in NYC and book an love story photoshoot or if come to the city and do the same thing. The cover for the secret proposal is this photoshoot in out wonderful city.

Come up with a specific location, date and time
Make sure to communicate with the photographer ahead of time and make sure that they know what you look like
Be prepared to notify the photographer in case you are delayed
Come up with a “ready to go” sign that will signal to your photographer that its go time.



Step 4. After the “yes”

Emotions will be high, so don’t cut the photoshoot short. Continue to take photos (to capture this day. Consider booking videography for your proposal. A video will capture the atmosphere and your emotions in a totally different way!

Our favorite locations for photos of your proposal in New York City are...


Central Park is a movie classic! The greenery, blooming trees in the spring, little gazeboes and boats on the lake make Central Park one of the most popular locations where proposals take place. Even something simple like a picnic with snack an flowers from the store will make this proposal an intimate and sweet affair. Recommend: Spring, Summer, Fall


Jane’s Carousel over in Brooklyn is a fun and whimsical. You can propose while eating ice cream and overlooking Manhattan’s skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge. Afterwards you can explore more of Brooklyn or bike/walk on the Brooklyn Bridge back to the city and celebrate with dinner in Soho. Recommend: Spring, Summer


The Rink at Rockefeller Center is perfect in the winter time with the city’s biggest Christmas tree and the holiday atmosphere around! You can enjoy ice skating together and once you propose expect a large audience and people being happy for you two. Recommend: Winter