New York City is amazing and so are its people!

Couples get engaged here, others visit it as tourists, some move to the Big Apple. Whatever your connection to New York is, one thing is for sure, you want to make more memories here. We are ready to help and make your elopement dreams a reality! In addition to our staple packages, we are offering a special promo.

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Q/A + terms

Where to start?


• E-mail us at hello@oneweddinghouse.com with the subject Special Promo 495. We will e-mail you back shortly. 

• As soon as we receive the deposit (150$) from you, we can start planning your elopement.

• Take a look at the Q&A and the terms listed below.

• These terms can not be changed. There are no hidden fees.


What can you expect from us?


• 45 minutes of the photography + officiant for 495$.

• A full legal ceremony performed by our officiant.

• Up to 35 photos edited in editorial, yet, simple and natural style.1

• If you add video, up to 45 seconds of edited video for add. only $200.

• All photos or video come in high resolution and will be edited in our style.

• All photos or video will be available via a Google Drive link.

• Your story will be published on our website, so you can share it with your family and friends.


What do we expect from you?


• Come on time & wear what we advise.

• After you receive photos, share and post them on your social media. (That is a very important obligation. You must do this!)3

• To book a date you need to put down a deposit. Without a deposit, the date can not be saved. 




What is the difference between a promo and a regular shoot?


A promo-the couple does what our team wants.

A regular shoot-we do what you want us to do.


The promo shoot time (45 min) can not be extended.

The number of photos can not be extended.


If the promo doesn't seem like a good fit for you, feel free to hire our photographer for a regular shoot.



Are there any additional fees?


• If you are interested you can add video for 200$.

• Certain ceremony locations require additional fees. You pay directly to the venue.

• NY tax may apply if the balance is transferred electronically on the wedding day.



What should we do with the proposal?


You will be able to review it, read terms and conditions, fill out the contract, sign.


How can we secure our participation?


You need to put down a deposit through VENMO, $150 for the photo+officiant package, after we receive it, you will be booked with us!4


How do you pick a date & time?


We leave the right to us to pick the date and time, but there is some flexibility.


Where will this take place?


We will pick the ceremony location.


How long will the whole thing last?


The photoshoot will be 45 minutes long. This includes the ceremony.


How to post photos on social media?


Shortly after we will send some sneak peeks to you. We ask that you post the pictures on your social media. Following these requirements:


  • Instagram.  Repost from @danilamednikov Instagram account promo poster with you to your Instagram account story. Most likely we will tag you the next day after the shoot, will notify you. You would have to repost within 24 hours. You will need to post pictures in your Instagram field with mentioning @danilamednikov, @danilasphotography, @one_wedding_house  in the capture of your post within 48 hours. Your Instagram account has to be public for at least 24 hours.

  • Facebook. Mention in your post: One Wedding House, Danila Mednikov Photography, Danila Mednikov. 

  • Twitter. Mention in your post: @DanilaMednikov @0neWeddingHouse

  • Leave your positive review on Google.com for oneweddinghouse.com


How many photos will we receive?


Up to 35 high resolution & edited photos.


When can we expect to receive all photos?


Within 8-14 weeks (depends on the month) from your elopement. You will receive the photos via Google Drive. Your photos will be available for 10 days on Google Drive for download. * January 8 weeks (or earlier) * February 8 weeks (or earlier) * March 8 weeks (or earlier) * May 9 weeks * June 9 weeks * July 9 weeks August 12 weeks September 14 weeks October 14 weeks November 14 weeks (or earlier) December 10 weeks (or earlier).





1. Most likely you will receive 35 pictures, but in some cases, it could be fewer.

2. We will advise you on how to create that perfect outfit. Details, accessories, style that will suit both of you. we will send you a mood board and you would have to dress according to the board, similar colors, familiar looks, and accessories.

3. We would ask you to post the pictures on your social media. Following these requirements:

  • Instagram. Repost from @danilamednikov @one_wedding_house Instagram story to your story. You will need to post pictures in your Instagram feed with mentioning @danilamednikov, @danilasphotography and @one_wedding_house in the caption of the post. 

  • Facebook. Mention in your post: Danila Mednikov Photography, Danila Mednikov, Mednikova Lana, and One Wedding House.

  • Twitter. Mention in your post: @DanilaMednikov @0neWeddingHouse

  • Leave your positive review on Google.com for oneweddinghouse.com

4. 150$ deposit paid through VENMO. After we received the deposit your date is booked. The rest of the payment is paid in cash on the day of the ceremony. There are no hidden fees or obligations.