I was always sure that a wedding was a magical day for two people. A day when you want to remember every special detail, and not put up a stressful performance for family and friends, where at the end you don’t remember a thing.That's why the idea of an elopement wedding sounded so good to my husband and me right away and we decided to do it. First, we thought of the classic beach, waves and palm trees. But we are huge urbanists and had to think of a way to combine two things that don’t go together: a city and the idea of ‘just the two of us’. I was browsing the web and stumbled upon an article with photographs of a couple from Russia who had an elopement wedding in New York. I loved the photos and the idea of running away together to a city of millions! The rest was a blur… I just remember sending a text to my husband to be that said “Look at these photos!!!! I want this photographer! Oh and I already reached out to him!” Everything was stress-free and simple. Danila (the photographer) recommended we come in September and we stayed at the William Vale in Williamsburg, also recommended by him. He was able to help us find awesome florists from Amanda Pierce productions and a very talented makeup artist Michiko Boorberg. And my dress, I chose it in about two hours (girls, will know that’s just luck!) And it was September 19th…I was speechless…I was in the city of my dreams, standing in my wedding dress, knowing that on the rooftop of the hotel with New York City’s skyline my beloved husband was waiting for me. Our good friend flew from Switzerland and was the one who married us that day. The ceremony was wonderful! Everything happened as if we were in a Hollywood movie: the first look, vows, and tears. Even the rain. No, the downpour that day made the memories and photographs so real and unique. The raging river, the flying train of the dress, the eucalyptus that was in my bouquet, even our wet hair…it all came together making it the best day of our lives and the best photoshoot I have ever seen! I am eternally grateful to the Universe that we found Danila, and that lead to the day we made the best decision of our lives.